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hi there. the name's Becca. I began this journey with one intention in mind, and that was to live a balanced, healthy life I didn't care what it took or how long it would take. each day I challenge my body and my mind to stretch and accept change. self proclaimed coffee addict, goddess, health foodie, and adventure seeker.

keep smiling!

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first frigid run of the year.

ventured out early this morning, bundled in a couple of layers and leggings, but the second I got outside I knew it was going to be a rough run. my eyes stung, my fingers froze, and my legs went numb. but I never stopped. not when my knees ached or my vision was blurry and my ears were ringing. 

it was 35 degrees and windy and for 60 minutes straight I powered through like a warrior. and then cooled down for 40 minutes to head on home. 

sometimes being a runner that is passionate about running outdoors and giving your all to a run is not simple. it’s not clear as day why you even put your body through such strain, but it’s worth it. and I am wholeheartedly convinced that runners are a special subset of human being that are certifiably and justifiably insane. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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beautiful life.

I am in love with this life. and the simple beauty of the magnificent treasures that we can find in this world. and I think a lot of it has to do with opening your eyes to the simple beauty that surrounds you.

we are so fortunate to be alive. 

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  • productive day wow
  • full, full day of classes.
  • work on a group project
  • quick pre workout snack 
  • gym: I ALMOST VOMITED I WORKED OUT SO HARD. so I would say more of less successful I had a blast haha. it was packed because I went a little later in the day, but I powered the hell through :) 
  • dinner: kale, quinoa, black beans on top of a salad :) 
  • I am a happy Becca. 

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currently munching on dinner after a LONG day.

  • 5:45am wakeup for an 8am exam. literally used over 2 hours for the exam… but I’m relieved it’s over goodness. 
  • regardless of the fact that I studied away my entire weekend there were some questions that I felt were mildly absurd haha #nursingstudentwoes
  • spent some time studying in the library after the exam. don’t even ask how that’s possible.
  • I just contacted a hospital in FL for a summer internship, and in technicality they don’t have summer interns, just year rounds but hello that would be my DREAM to somehow make that work… Becca is currently in “I want to move to Florida so badly I will do anything to brainstorm how to get a nursing internship during the summer” hello I am motivated. 
  • after class I went on a fast paced 30 minute run and walked around campus for about an hour more because it was surprisingly gorgeous and it made my heart want to smile :)
  • currently eating a massive salad and the most glorious broccoli, black bean, quinoa, thai peanut combination I whipped up for tonight’s dinner. I’m in love. 

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good morning world.

it’s been quite a long time since I logged on, wrote a post and let my thoughts flow. but I’m still here, alive, surviving nursing school, taking each day as a challenge and genuinely loving this life :)

small update: 

  • I have been thoroughly facing each moment with a positive outlook and waking up each morning with the mindset that I am here and alive and so lucky to be breathing and flourishing. and I have noticed a difference in the way that I approach my life and the way I interact with others and it’s a beautiful life. all it takes is the attitude to appreciate and love each moment. 
  • Nursing school is tough, I’m not going to lie, but I feel so passionate about it that it’s not difficult to put my all into learning and wanting to make a difference in the health care field, I’m looking into internships for the summer in Florida… fingers are crossed because it’s just too too cold for me here. 
  • I honestly feel strong. I am making working out a priority because I am so fortunate to be able to move and enjoy this earth and my body is so capable.  I just came back from a solid straight 65 minute run in the sunshine around campus, followed by a relaxing walk!  I’m getting myself to the gym for KILLER workouts, making sure to stretch, getting some yoga in when I need it, and running like a maniac :)
  • Currently eating: chai spiced oats for breakfast with a side of yogurt and fruit, so life is good. 
  • I’m buying all of my own groceries every week, keeping it light, clean, simply delicious, plentiful. Mhmmm, just delish. Salads, fruits, veg, beans, veggie burgers, oatmeals, yogurts, quinoa, whole grains. 
  • Headed to the library after I shower and then heading out to dinner with my friends :)

This has been a post. A long post. About loving life and living life and thoroughly taking a breath in and enjoying the time we have here. 

Love to you all, Becca :)

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