becca in the raw

hey there. the name's Becca. I began this journey with one intention in mind, and that was to get fit. I didn't care what it took or how long it would take. Every day I challenge my body and my mind to stretch and accept change. self proclaimed coffee addict, health foodie, and adventure seeker.

keep smiling!

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happiest of mornings.

watermelon and mango loving. 

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morning shenanigans.

woke up early to take care of the house full of dogs, walkings. feedings. cleaning of dog matter off the floor. ugh, so glamorous…

drove my sister to her summer course. 

currently: munching on watermelon and a mango smoothie in the sunshine. yum-o. 

heading out to work soon :)

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post-run smooooothie.

apricots. kale. berries. greek yogurt. pb2. 

absolute heaven :) 

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feeling on top of the world.

yesterday I met one of my friends at the gym and it was an unbelievably enlightening experience because I felt so capable of trying some exercises I had never ventured to test out. and there was just a lot of messing up, laughter and happiness as we taught each other different exercises. 

so thankful for friends and happy gym experiences. 

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good morning world :)

it has already been a beautiful day and it’s only 8 am. 

there’s just so much to treasure in this world if you take a moment to breathe it in. 

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all natural post chest/tricep workout selfie.

feeling strong :)



I just really wish people would learn to stop judging others so much…I mean I’m not perfect at this, but I try really hard to remember that every single person we see on the street or at the store or online has their own story, their own beliefs, and their own values. Just because YOU do not like something, doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t allowed to like it.

Just live your life and stop trying to place judgement on other people. It isn’t your place to do so.