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hi there. the name's Becca. I began this journey with one intention in mind, and that was to live a balanced, healthy life I didn't care what it took or how long it would take. each day I challenge my body and my mind to stretch and accept change. self proclaimed coffee addict, goddess, health foodie, and adventure seeker.

keep smiling!

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gooood morning world.

up on this gorgeous saturday and prepping to make cupcakes for the day with my sister for my mom’s engagement party tomorrow!!! :)¬†

plus the theme is scrabble, so there is a good chance our entire house is currently decorated in scrabble boards and letters. too cute. 

let the baking begin! 

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just fell in love with my blog.

and it has never felt more appropriate. stunning elephants for the win :) 

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WATERMELON goodness :)

gorgeous, crisp morning. woke up, hopped outside, went for a refreshing run, and walked around the neighborhood to cool down. PLUS featuring watermelon slush for hydration. spreading the love this morning :)


hi my name is becca and I’m in love with black beans. it’s an endless love affair.¬†

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late night snackin’

typically my go-to dessert before bed is chocolate pb2 and a banana. I can’t even explain how decadent it is. mhmmm I’m in love.

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happy day off.

  • this morning at around 4am, I woke up and realized that ALL of the power in our house was out from the extreme winds and rain, so cue panic at 4am. thankfully it was back on around 5am.¬†
  • walked the dogs in the pouring rain and they were less than¬†pleased¬†with me haha whoops
  • continued PACKING PACKING PACKING and¬†organizing¬†everything in my room
  • killer hour and a half back/biceps workout, running, and stretching at the gym
  • LUNCH:¬†salad¬†with literally everything in it, and blended watermelon for extra hydration post workout :)
  • more organization and sorting through my¬†clothes¬†and college supplies to reduce the amount I’m¬†bringing¬†up but let’s be real I’m sort of the¬†opposite¬†of a minimalist¬†
  • snackage: blended mango, strawberry, pear smoothie topped with blueberries. yummmm-o.¬†
  • hanging out with my friend shortly!!

drank unreasonably large quantities of water and coffee today.

and we all know what that means. 

becoming literally best friends with the bathroom. no shame haha.

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happy friday yes.

this has been a hectic week to say the least. but chaos is what I thrive on, so I suppose this makes for a happy becca. 

in an effort to stay organized, I printed day planners and I am literally in love. so while my search for a yearly planner continues, I’m using these nifty schedules that break the day into goals, to do lists, fitness goals, and even meals :)¬†

had a fabulous back/biceps workout after work today, with 20 minutes of running to warm up, and some stretching afterwards. crushing those muscles a day at a time and remembering to be patient. 

happy friday beautiful souls :)

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